Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Welcome To The Devilish Angel's Bookshelf

Welcome to The Devilish Angel's Bookshelf , find yourself a good spot and settle down for some fun and good reads.  This blog is totally devoted to all that is Paranormal, Urban Fantasy , Horror and anything that goes bump in the night.  This will include, Erotica and Romance.  I hope you will enjoy yourself and stay tuned for some exciting things to come....


  1. Hi Donna! Thanks for following my blog. You've got a cool banner here. And you really love wrestling! Seriously? :P

  2. LOL, I do but mainly for my son, its a family night sorta of thing we do every week.

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    1. There was a typo :$ the edited comment is below :)

  4. Hi, I love your header and your blog has such a great theme! Can't wait to read your future posts.

    New GFC follower :)